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ty8天游平台登录公司始建于2004年,经过二十年的努力经营,公司已成为国内极具规模的塑料原材料及成型加工一体化解决方案提供商。ty8天游平台登录总公司旗下拥有东莞市ty8天游平台登录塑化科技有限公司、昆山ty8天游平台登录塑料制品有限公司、深圳市ty8天游平台登录新材料有限公司、四川ty8天游平台登录新材料有限公司、福建卡蒂德能源科技有限公司等子公司。 ty8天游平台登录公司始建于2004年,经过二十年的努力经营,公司已成为国内极具规模的塑料原材料及成型加工一体化解决方案提供商。总公司旗下拥有东莞市ty8天游平台登录塑化科技有限公司、昆山ty8天游平台登录塑料制品有限公司、ty8天游平台登录(深圳)科技集团有限公司,四川ty8天游平台登录新材料有限公司、福建卡蒂德能源科技有限公司等子公司。2020年合资成立江西聚锐德新材料股份有限公司,其为聚合型化工厂,主要研发生产全降解塑料树脂、特殊聚酯、生物基高分子新材料及特种塑料。近年来公司发展势头迅猛,逐步形成了上游聚合-功能化改性塑胶成品的全产业链格局,进一步增强了企业的行业竞争能力。

Cadit Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and has become one of the largest plastic raw material and molding processing integrated solution providers in China after 20 years of hard work. Cadit Group, the parent company, has subsidiaries such as Dongguan Cadit Plastic Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Kunshan Cadit Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Cadit (Shenzhen) Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Cadit New Material Co., Ltd., and Fujian Kadite Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In 2020, Cadit jointly established Jiangxi Juruide New Material Co., Ltd., a polymerization factory, which mainly researches and produces fully biodegradable plastic resin, special polyesters, bio-based high molecular new materials, and special plastics. In recent years, the company has developed rapidly, gradually forming a full industrial chain of upstream polymerization and functional modification of plastic products, further enhancing the company's industry competitiveness.

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